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Residential Power in the Spirit of Texas

Texas knows energy. Whether it’s oil and gas, wind, solar… we’re known around the world for our power prowess.

At Lone Star Energy, we’re carrying on that legacy of being a Texan. We’re straight-talking, plain-dealing, and Texan to the core, and we’d like to be your retail electric provider.

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We Do More Than Leave the Light on For You

No power company does more to make sure their electricity customers feel at home. Let us know when you’ve got an issue, a question, or just a suggestion on how we can improve, and one of our customer service agents will be happy to chat with you.  

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We Do More Than Leave the Light on For You



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At any time, you can select to go paperless or select autopay to get a discount on your monthly bill. That’s saving money, saving paper, saving a stamp, saving a trip to the mailbox…you get the idea.

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Check out our tips on ways to make your Texas home more energy-efficient, from the best products to use to the most effective DIYs you can undertake yourself.

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