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Our Story

Lone Star Energy was founded with one mission: to give homeowners a power company with great rates and no nonsense. As simple as that sounds, you’d be surprised how hard it is to find. 

While most electric providers are taken up with celebrity spokespeople and flashy gimmicks that ultimately cost customers more money in the long-run, Lone Star is for the folks who see through all that. The ones who are tired of talking to automated machines and want to do business with power professionals who work hard for them.

In short, Lone Star is Texas through and through, and if you believe in no-nonsense electricity, you’ll feel right at home.






Our Plans

Lone Star home energy plans reflect our philosophy of simplicity and value. They’re fixed-rate, 12-, 24-, or 36-month plans at industry-leading prices without pages and pages of fine print. We have all-renewable plans if that interests you, but that’s about as complicated as we get.

Switching to any of our plans is easy and signing up takes only minutes.

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Doing Our Part for a Greener World

Earth in green forest

We’re committed to helping our customers be as eco-conscious as possible. That’s why our electricity plans include 100% renewable options (compared to the statewide average of 25% renewable offered by other companies) for powering your home with wind, solar, and other sustainable options.

It’s also why we continuously provide advice and resources for making your home energy-efficient, as well as a bill discount when you sign up for paperless billing, which saves valuable natural resources.




What Powers Us 

Lone Star Energy is a Pulse Power Holdings, LLC Company.
To learn more about our parent company, click here.