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A Texan’s Guide for How to Prepare for a Freeze

Dec 20, 2022

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Energy With Family Home for the Holidays

Nov 09, 2022
Is your family staying with you for the holidays? Here’s how to save energy at home when you’re hosting family during the holiday season. Full story

Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

May 26, 2022
As Texans, we have grown accustomed to hurricane season, but don't always think to prepare our homes until the storm is already near. Making a plan of action ahead of time can help to put your mind at ease so you're able to focus on your family's safety during the hurricane. Full story

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient!

Mar 01, 2021
Saving energy in your home will not only save you money. It will also reduce carbon emissions in our atmosphere, help the environment, lower your carbon foot print and all around make the planet a healthier place... Full story

The Importance of AutoPay and Paperless Billing

Jan 06, 2021
If you haven’t made the switch to autopay or paperless billing, you’re doing things the hard way, perhaps missing payments, worrying more about it than... Full story

Interested in Joining HOA? –Here’s Why You Should!

Nov 18, 2020
Serving on your neighborhood’s HOA (Homeowner’s Association) is a responsibility that not every resident is cut out for. It will be a time-commitment and you’ll have to have thick skin, but there are advantages to serving on... Full story

Pros and Cons of the HOA – How to Stand Strong Against the HOA!

Sep 06, 2020
The Homeowner’s Association of your neighborhood is a wonderful thing. They make people mow their lawns, keep the neighborhood looking consistently clean and well-maintained, while... Full story

Myths About ‘Free Night and Weekend’ Energy Plans

Jul 23, 2020
As consumers in this fast-paced world, we have to recognize that when a deal appears too good to be true, it probably is. Energy and electricity companies that offer free nights and/or free weekends are not doing... Full story

Hire a Moving Company or Do It Yourself?

May 18, 2020
To hire or not to hire, that is the question. When in the process of moving, you are flooded with an array of unforeseen expenses. It can add up rapidly and during a time when you are already experiencing significant change... Full story

Why You Should Switch to a Smart Thermostat – Let’s Compare Savings!

Apr 15, 2020
Since your home’s energy bill is predominantly influenced by your heating and cooling, wouldn’t you like a thermostat to offer you global control, year-round savings, and schedule changes for you without any fuss? If you haven’t... Full story

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